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We alleviate mundane exercises by providing fun and engaging games! Our prototype game Fantastic Hands and Where to Catch Them is designed to encourage extension of the fingers and hands. Most people have tight forearm flexor muscles and weak extensor muscles. 

Our game supports stretching of  the flexor muscles and tendons of the forearm, while also strengthening the extensor muscles and tendons. 

Fantastic Hands is designed for use alongside an occupational therapist or other trained guide. To combat the growing problem of patient non-compliance with their prescribed therapeutic exercises, the patient can take the experience home and enjoy the gamification of their treatment plan. Using chiropractor-approved hand gestures, the patient is immersed in game play. The player can only progress with proper form.

Fantastic Hands is aimed to assist any person who spends their time gripping objects. Phones, steering wheels, computer mice, coffee cups, all cause a tightness in the forearms and weaken the extensor muscles, which increases the chance of injury. Common occupational injuries such as carpal tunnel, ulnar neuropathy, and wrist sprains may find pain relief with the game's exercises. This game may also be used to regain neuro-plasticity after a stroke or other ailment that would benefit from individual digit manipulation and repetition. 

How to Play:

When an enemy appears, determine which element is most effective to defeat it. Press the finger associated with the element to your thumb a few times to select it. Once selected, open your hand to fully extend your fingers, then clench them into a fist. Do this several times to power up your attack. Once charged up, open your palm out toward the screen to cast the spell.

Water beats Fire
Lightning beats Earth
Earth beats Water
Fire beats Lightning


  • Caris Frazier-Baker - Designer/ Artist / Producer
  • Carl Dungca - Designer/Producer
  • Yaser Murshed - Subject Matter Expert
  • Gustavo Lattari - Programmer / Designer
  • Chris Caruthers - Programmer / Designer
  • Reed Mosby - Designer / Animations
  • Jonathan Truong - Marketing
  • James Newman - Video Production

Install instructions

Requires Leap Motion Sensor!
Download Orion software from https://developer.leapmotion.com/get-started/

  1. Download FantasticHands.zip
  2. Extract to any location.
  3. Ensure Leap Motion sensor is plugged into a USB port.
  4. Launch FantasticHands.exe to play.


FantasticHands.zip 43 MB

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